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NCH is now a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer

of the Iceberg

Date stamp your furnace filter

Monitor your filter changes more effectively by dating the filter whenever you replace it

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Do I need a roof over my heat pump?

Some manufacturers insist a roof over your heat pump is not necessary. However, in some cases where the unit may not be running consistently, snow can accumulate inside the unit and cause issues on startup. If you prefer not to install a shelter,  you should ensure all snow is cleaned off the heat pump on a regular basis

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Emergency Food Supply (275 servings)

Emergency Food Supply (275 servings)

55 Convenient five serving pouches.
9 Different pre-mixed, pre-seasoned, vitamin & mineral fortified dry food meals.

Each Pail Contains:
Barley Vegetable / Country Noodle / Potato Soup /
Cacciatore / Rice Lentil / Blueberry Pancakes /
Corn Chowder / Western Stew / Milk,
100% Vegetarian 20 Year Shelf Life!