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Leaving town? Shut off the water.

If you plan on being away for a few days, turn off the water supply to the house. This will…

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What is the difference between Acrylic and Gelcoat fiberglass?

Acrylic is a sheet of material that is heated and vacuum formed over a mold, creating a continous waterproof membrane. It is then reinforced with fiberglass. Gelcoat fiberglass is a polyester resin sprayed onto a mold and then reinforced with fine glass particles. One is a solid surface, the other is porous.

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North Central was founded in 1966 as North Central Plumbing & Heating. The company has undergone three ownership transitions; first from father to son, then to Chuck Braun in 2008, and finally to Duncan Lea in 2013, who had moved to the Bulkley Valley two years earlier looking to invest in the community. Like Chuck Braun before him, Duncan strives to meet the demands of a customer first philosophy and has worked hard to ensure the company is well situated to that end.

With each transition the company continues to grow and diversify its service and installation portfolio. Since Duncan took over the reins, he has moved into the Commercial Controls field ensuring the company's continued growth and preparedness for what lies ahead. North Central now offers complete Plumbing, HVAC, Refrigeration, A-fitting, Controls and Hearth service and installation. With a staff of 10 fully trained service technicians, we are a well-rounded option for those seeking a qualified service provider able to serve a customer base that stretches from Bulkley-Nechako to Kitimat-Stikine.

Gas Contractor License: LGA0001323

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Contractor License: LBP0207738


North Central is situated on Highway 16 of the Bulkley Valley in beautiful Smithers, BC and features a fully furnished sheet metal shop and a 3000 sq/ft fully stocked showroom. North Central continues to seek ways of expanding it's service / installation portfolio by way of a customer service policy that mandates the highest standard of care, the pursuit of innovation and a desire to be at the forefront in a technology driven economy.