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Reliable Controls

NCH is now a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer

of the Iceberg

Know where your main water shutoff is located

Make a point of locating your main water shutoff, ensure it is well labelled and advise everyone…


Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Model 1500 Renaissance Rumford installed in a Great Room

Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


How often do propane tanks need to be recertified

All propane cylinders must be recertified every 10 years. 

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Dynasty BG-26B Electric Fireplace

Dynasty BG-26B Electric Fireplace

Dynasty BG-26B features

  • 120V/AC, 1500w/5000btu on high heat and 750w/2500btu on low hest
  • remote control for adjustable flame
  • electric flame operates with or without heat
  • Wall mounted, no ventilation required
  • remote control for music player
  • Easy two-step installation