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If you find your faucet not giving you enough water, check the aerator. They are easily removed…

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How often should I get my furnace serviced

Most manufacturers recommend annual service on all gas fired appliances and in some cases will void the warranty for lack of service. Regular maintenance can provide for better efficiency and prevent premature failure, both of which can result in substantial cost savings to the homeowner.

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Valley Comfort VC120 Wood Furnace

Valley Comfort VC120 Wood Furnace

This furnace has been approved to the latest code requirements and can be used as an add-on to electric, gas or oil furnaces; or as an independent wood furnace with a suitable blower system.

When used in combination with an alternate fuel furnace, you get the security and convenience of a back-up system. A unique "power out" capability has been built into the VC 120. This means you have a source of heat even if the house power should fail. Under power-out conditions, the furnace output is limited because there is no distribution fan, but using gravity flow, you will be assured of emergency warmth all the time. Economical installation costs have also been considered. The 7" top vent flue size reduces overall costs, as does the close clearance approvals for the plenum and duct system. At Valley Comfort, we feel that economy is a long-term consideration. We refuse to cut corners that would comprise our overall product quality. Long-term economy is assured by this commitment to quality. Valley Comfort has been built on this commitment and that is one reason we have been leaders in the industry since 1953.

  • Rating 120,000 BTU nominal Fire door opening 15"x13"
  • Height 50.5" Firebox: Length 27"
  • Width 29.5" Width 17"
  • Length 37" Height 32"
  • Flue Collar 7" diameter Capacity 8.5 cu. ft
  • Weight 660 Ibs (shipping) Fuel length 25"
  • Flue pipe centre to rear 5.5" Recommended draft .04 water column
  • Hot air plenum opening 22.25"Lx26"W Controls: All included, CSA approved