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Know where your main water shutoff is located

Make a point of locating your main water shutoff, ensure it is well labelled and advise everyone…


Commercial Rooftop Unit

Lennox Commecial Rooftop Unit

Commercial Rooftop Unit

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


What does WETT mean?

WETT is a a national standard that is now applied to all wood-fired installations. WETT is an acronym for Wood Enengy Technology Transfer, a non-profit association that promotes the safe and effective use of wood appliances. WETT certified inspectors have taken a comprehensive week long course and are required to maintain their certification by way of an upgrade course every five years.

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Valley Comfort MP80 Wood Furnace

Valley Comfort MP80 Wood Furnace

The heart of this unit is the efficient chamber/heat exchanger based on the famous Valley Comfort 4 port draft principle. The MP80 can be used as an independent wood furnace, with the optional 900 CFM blower or added on to a gas, oil or electric furnace. Automatic switchover between fuels is as simple as setting the thermostat

Loading the large capacity (4 cubic foot) cast iron lined fire box is easy through the 12 x 13 fire door. It will accommodate logs up to 24 inches to provide an average 8 hours of continuous burning


  • Fuel Door Opening: 13"x12"
  • Firewood Length: 24" · Flue Pipe: 6"
  • Interconnect Duct: 12"x18" minimum
  • Warm Air Plenum: 18"x30 ½"
  • Controls: All included, CSA approved
  • Center of Flue Height: 26 ¾"
  • Length: 35"
  • Width: 21" · Height: 35"
  • Weight: 325 pounds