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Soldering copper

Your solder should always be placed on the opposite side of the pipe where the flame is directed.…


Residential Domestic / Hydronic Water Installation

Uponor Controls and Poly pipe cladding on boiler copper lines

Residential Domestic / Hydronic Water Installation

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Do I need a building permit when installing a wood stove?

The local authority having jurisdiction, also known as the building inspector, has indicated that all wood-fired appliance installations require a building permit. This ensures the installation meets local building codes and also allows for a WETT inspection if required by your insurance carrier.

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Bison Shallow Well Hand Water Pump

Bison Shallow Well Hand Water Pump


  • 1 piece construction meets limited space needs
  • Adjustable handle for 3 positions - straight on and left or right-handed applications
  • Self draining mechanism
  • Powder coated colors
  • Versatile pipe fitting options

The 1 Piece Hand Pump is hand made of high quality 304 stainless steel and is typically installed inside and mounted on the countertop adjacent to the kitchen sink or in the basement on a stand next to the water supply in the home. This incredible piece of workmanship is ideal for:

  • Camps, cottages, rural homes
  • Basements
  • Cisterns
  • Homes which are "off the grid"
  • Gardens
  • Easy and dependable access to water