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Reliable Controls

NCH is now a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer

of the Iceberg

Want to save on heating costs?

You can save up to 10% on your heating bill by simply turning down your thermostat by 1 degree


Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Model 1500 Renaissance Rumford installed in a Great Room

Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


How often do I change my furnace filter?

Standard 1" filters should be changed on average every three months. High capacity 5" filters should be checked after the first 6 months and changed within the year

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Poor Boy Single Wall Stovepipe


  • 24 gauge .0276 Satin Coat Metal
  • Spot welded 
  • Beaded for furnace cement 
  • Every piece is punched for sheet metal screws  
  • Painted with black high-temperature low luster finish
  • Individually wrapped and packaged for shipment 
  • For interior use only
  • Designed for the crimped end to be installed toward the heating unit