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NCH is now a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer

of the Iceberg

Leaving town? Shut off the water.

If you plan on being away for a few days, turn off the water supply to the house. This will…


Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Model 1500 Renaissance Rumford installed in a Great Room

Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Can I add different makes of chimney to my existing chimney system?

No, chimney components from different manufacturers cannot be combined. Code dictates that a chimney system must be comprised of components as certified by one manufacturer. Futhermore, most components are designed in such a way as not to fit correctly if matched with another system's components,  rendering it not only uncertified but extremely unsafe.

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Pacific Energy Heritage Summit Woodstove

Pacific Energy Heritage Summit Woodstove

Crafted for maximum heating capacity, maximum burn time and maximum view of your wood fire, the Summit answers the call for a highly effective wood stove for bigger spaces and colder, longer nights.


•Reliable, durable, non-catalytic technology
•Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
•Rich Metallic Black finish with black trim
•Straight-in fuel loading
•Heavy plate-steel top
•304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
•Ash Pan
•Mobile home approved


•Temperature actuated 125 cfm variable speed blower
•Wood Stove Screen Door