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Install pressure gauges on either side of your water filter

An easy way to determine whether it's time to change your whole house water filter(s) is…

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Can I add different makes of chimney to my existing chimney system?

No, chimney components from different manufacturers cannot be combined. Code dictates that a chimney system must be comprised of components as certified by one manufacturer. Futhermore, most components are designed in such a way as not to fit correctly if matched with another system's components,  rendering it not only uncertified but extremely unsafe.

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Liberty SBX Series Sump Box

Liberty SBX Series Sump Box

The SumpBox®  by Liberty is a completely assembled sump pump system featuring Debris Filter Technology. Designed specifically for new home construction, the SumpBox's large removable filter tray provides an innovative solution to pump jamming caused by stones and construction debris. Totally sealed and radon-ready, the SumpBox® is available with 1/3 and 1/2 hp pumps. A clear disposable construction cover protects the system during masonry work and rough-in. Options include alarm and 12 volt battery back-up system.