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Reliable Controls

NCH is now a Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer

of the Iceberg

Date stamp your furnace filter

Monitor your filter changes more effectively by dating the filter whenever you replace it


Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Model 1500 Renaissance Rumford installed in a Great Room

Renaissance Fireplace Installation

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Can I use an existing well for my Geo loop?

The use of an existing well is a possibility but generally not conducive to a proper closed loop installation. The depth of the well and size of casing will be a consideration. Vertical loops are generally drilled by way of a 3' casing to a depth determined by the loop requirement. The well is then filled with a slurry to optimize heat transfer. The number of wells required is calculated as per the heating / cooling load of the home

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HS Tarm Solo Innova Wood Boiler

HS Tarm Solo Innova Wood Boiler


  • 80%+ Overall efficiency
  • Clean burn with virtually no smoke or creosote
  • Large, easily accessible firebox
  • Smoke free loading
  • Easy to clean


  • Add on to your existing fossil fuel system
  • Hot water baseboard
  • Radiant floors
  • Hot air